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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Oct 4, 2007 7:07pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Lunatic poll

1. Fall 1966: I first learned of bands with names like Grateful Dead and Big Brother when my father sent me letters with folded handbill flyers for Avalon Ballroom dance concerts from Experimental College at SF State College (SFSU now); he taught a seminar 2 doors down from where Fillmore & Family Dog tickets were sold (at Hut T-1, Experimental College).

2. Early 1969: I moved back to San Francisco, leaving a stable home with strict rules under my Mom and step-dad to begin the long strange trip it became for me sharing life with my beat-nik Pop.

3. Fabulous Furry Freak Bros: I had to get used to the stench of cat-spray and non-working toilets at the pads of my Dad's friends... I found the cost of freedom.

4. Tune In: First listened to free-form FM radio KSAN and KMPX within weeks of arriving. Mostly the DJs like Tony Pig, Stephan Ponic and Dusty Street talked a lot everytime I convinced my friends to turn on the radio, but one night while on the way to Mendocino with my Pop there was a mind-blowing uninterrupted program of heavy acid rock... on AM radio!
We shared a timeless evening on the road in a VW Bug without saying a word while listening to the music.

5. 1st GD LP: Early '69, my radio-skittish neo con pals the Evans Bros show me the one weirdo record in their collection... the 1st Grateful Dead album.
I'm allowed to stare at it for 15 seconds. Playing it was out of the question.

6. Turn On: Half a tab of Purple Owsley is the 1st mind altering trip I take, early 1970.

7. 1st Grateful Dead tape: Walking by the back lawn of Lowell High School, I overhear a freak playing his mono Craig cassette recorder... it pulled me right in, a catchy riff... I ask and he tells me it's Saint Stephen.
He had taped it at a show (I presume now Feb. 1970).

I decide I have to see this band live.

8. 1st live show: April 1970, Carousel Ballroom - Miles Davis, Grateful Dead.

Later that year the best song performances I note at the time were Easy Wind, Alligator (with kazoos, not available on tape), Casey Jones, Truckin', St. Stephen, Dire Wolf, It's All Over Now (the song the Stones made popular), Morning Dew

(more later)

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